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The Windows taskbar.

You can resize the taskbar to make it grow taller. Just grab the top border of the taskbar and drag it up until it takes up two rows. If you decide to get rid of most.

Here’s how to get rid of it.

check your PC’s compatibility for Windows 10, which is neat. But it is a bit of an eyesore. If you want to hide it from the taskbar, it’s very simple: click.

Microsoft is currently rolling out an update—available via Windows Update—that will get rid of the.

as its taskbar pop-ups encouraged users to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

Task View is a new Windows 10 feature that lets you see and use virtual desktops. The Task View button is a small button on the taskbar that lets you quickly access these desktops. To get rid of.

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How to Hide the ‘Get Windows 10’ Icon from Your Taskbar – This week, Microsoft officially announced Windows 10’s release date, and allowed you to reserve a copy through an icon that appeared in your system tray. But after that, the system tray icon.

Add some small but desirable enhancements to window management and the task bar, and the result was a hugely popular operating system, the high point of the entire Windows family’s development.

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To get rid of any of the unwanted icons on your Taskbar, just right-click on them and select ‘Unpin from taskbar’. Windows 10.