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In Metro, IE’s address bar and navigation buttons mostly disappear.

to appear–moving my pointer off the top and bottom of the screen, trying to "grab" the bars with my mouse while it was.

From The Tips Box: Smartphone Signal, iTunes Mini-Player, Gaming Mousepads – Readers offer their best tips for phones that keep searching.

a binder from my supplies, and taped one flap down to my desk so it wouldn’t move. Using this for my mouse pad has been the best.

More on Apple Pro Mouse problems – "Opening and Repairing an Apple Pro Mouse" "Modding.

on the back of my 17" flat panel studio monitor. Additionally the Keyspan driver for my PDA adaptor would occasionally disappear from.

I’m often asked questions such as: How do I keep my Outline from disappearing when I’m in full-screen edit.

hover text to switch back and forth between perspectives with your mouse. Alternatively,

Keep in mind.

While working on my Apple Mac computers I began to notice a problem. The cursor, an arrow on the screen moved by the mouse, would on random occasions disappear.

There is a mouse in our house. Or at least there.

I have witnesses, my daughters, who came out with me and kept talking about how we should keep the little guy as a pet. But I’m not so sure.

Her nemesis keeps leaving her with.

“But they still disappeared and the other day I had a packet of crackers open in my cupboard and the mouse was happily eating crackers.

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After word spread that Microsoft might kill off its beloved Paint program, an outcry of protest convinced the company.

central vision disappeared, Microsoft Paint enabled my grandpa to continue.