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NEW YORK–I can say one thing with certainty about Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

only function in one screen orientation: I couldn’t type in a new Web address in WP7’s Internet.

Even though the home screen looks a lot like the screens on the new Windows Phone 7 models, do not be misled.

You slide your finger up and down. And sideways. And pinch to zoom.

Solutions like this are being thought up in order to give users the most screen real estate on their devices. These solutions also allow for smaller bezels, in turn allowing.

of f/1.7 to.

Wireless Connection Keeps Dropping Intermittent Wi-Fi connection usually occurs when your device is getting a weak signal from the wireless network like. Wi-Fi network connection started dropping after installing

How to Fix Sideways Computer Screen Display | Rotate WindowIf Windows 10 still feels foreign, customize these 13 settings to your liking – If you’ve recently purchased a new Windows 10 laptop (or finally upgraded your old one, now that support for Windows 7 has.

You’re encouraged to turn it on and see the screen before anything else — an experience.

Which apps work best on the outer or inner screens? Should I multitask in several windows, or hop between.

Want to try out Windows Phone Mango? Microsoft is letting Android and iPhone users try Windows Phone 7.5 Mango with an.

down whenever the phone is turned sideways. Regardless, this little.

Hooray, Windows 10 has a Start menu. It may not be the Start menu you were hoping for (Windows 7 users.

If you turn this option off, you’ll get the standard dark theme. The Colours screen.

Open the virtual keyboard, which appears full-size on the bottom touch screen, and use like a regular clamshell laptop. 3. Book mode. Open an e-Book and hold it sideways like an open book.