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Overwatch’s next patch adds experimental mode and League of Legends-style hero pools – Blizzard’s colorful team-shooter Overwatch is getting some big changes next month. Today the developer provided some details.

Overwatch’s first new piece of content in its second year may be related to the Horizon Lunar Colony — a scientific colony on the moon where Winston and other genetically enhanced gorillas were.

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Feb 10, 2018  · As in I can’t click anything, none of the buttons on my keyboard do anything, nothing. I restarted the game yet the problem persisted- so I reinstalled the game and yet every time I get to the main menu I can’t select/click/do anything. Some help would be really appreciated as I.

For instance, one character, Tyto the Swift, his right-click.

can’t have in a top-down game. Snipers can get up high, boosted by special movement abilities, and spot enemies from their.

After a few rounds of Mordhau, the prospect of heading once more into the breach seemed more terrifying than anything.

can’t hold down block while brandishing a sword, for instance. Left.

Can’t wait to see the how the little gaming rig performs, or just desperate to see the score? Click on the jump-links.

When you’re not doing anything particular graphically-intensive.

Overwatch Bug: Can't Click AnythingJan 30, 2018  · Mouse works. I was able to navigate here just fine. Played last night just fine. Loaded OW up 15mins ago and on all 3 accounts I can’t click on anything on the screen.

“When I see the Black Cat skin or the Academy skin, I do wonder if they really understand Korea,” a Korean Overwatch fan and FAMERZ member named Anna told Kotaku. “I can’t erase the.

Normally when you play any game full screen and attempt to click onto the second screen it will allow you to interact with the second screen and minimise the game (a flaw you can get around by switching to borderless window) but Overwatch doesn’t let me click on the second screen, the cursor just goes to the edge of the monitor.

“Can I say anything I want?” asked Jong-ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park after a particularly satisfying victory for his Overwatch League.

If Blizzard can’t successfully balance-patch the.

Jan 31, 2018  · can’t click on anything in-game after update News & Discussion (self.Overwatch) submitted 1 year ago by [deleted] hey, anyone else dealt with this? when i start up overwatch and try to click on any of the menu options nothing happens. the hero and blizzard world animation keep playing but it won’t let me select anything. any help appreciated!

This week the Overwatch Anniversary Event kicked off, giving fans a slew of fresh skins to spend their hard earned coins on. Not every character was blessed with new threads though, including our.