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May 17, 2018  · Recently, we obtained a question from one in all our readers that she is not able to get admission to the Internet the use of Reliance Jio SIM card. So, we determined to discover simple answers to common troubles that users normally face when it comes to having access to the net the use of the Reliance Jio SIM card. 1) Check when you have an lively plan for your Jio quantity

Sep 07, 2016  · Hey there! This is also a technique for those experiencing this hassle for days and didnt resolve it. Few steps to alternate this: 1. Go to Control Panel >Network and Internet> Network Connections. 2. Choose your wifi connection, proper-click on and pick Properties. 3.

May 29, 2018  · WiFi connected however no Internet get entry to – sounds acquainted? You dont want to go through 10 pointers to restore it; information why this happens and getting the right device to remedy WiFi connectivity problems is fundamental. Speedify enables you constantly be connected to WiFi and the Internet both on your own home community and public WiFi hotspots.

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Wifi connected, but "No net get entry to" I simply bought an Acer Laptop with Windows 7, and am attempting to connect with the net the use of my Verizon Mifi tool. It suggests related with a sturdy sign, however the get admission to type says no internet access. I spent an hour on the smartphone with Verizon tech guide, most effective to determine it’s miles NOT a problem.

Jul 03, 2019  · The “Connected” status means that your pc is attached, with the aid of WiFi, to the router. In addition to connection to WiFi, you need a couple of services to really connect with the LAN, and to the Internet. Right now, I can think of a few opportunities.


Dec 01, 2019  · My aunt is hooked up to this community. My iPhone can hook up with this network no problem. So I know that different gadgets are in a position to hook up with it. And I know my laptop is ready to connect to other Wifi networks. But it wont hook up with this one. Here is what happens: 1. I pick the network name (which is proven as "Secured") and pick out "Connect". 2.

Oct 17, 2016  · Go to command prompt ,type ipconfig hit enter 1.If an ip deal with appears in wireless lan configuration looking something like 192.168.X.X then your wifi firmware is working adequate and is getting ip address from the in-built dhcp server. 2.If it appears.

May 16, 2020  · Hi, it’s miles a dongle jiofi 2 information best sim . When i name the activation phone no,it says that it is already activated. I inserted the facts sim and charged the jiofi 2, related the dongle with usb to my laptop. Jiofi wifi is shown as related, but with alert no internet get admission to message.